New Surface Colors

Magicstone announces 10 new colors:

Sahara Series

The desert brings to mind shifting sands and rolling dunes in an endless expanse of color and texture. Like the Sahara itself, this collection evokes timeless and infinite beauty expressed in the gorgeous earth tones of gold, beige, tan and ivory.

Tundra Series

Windswept and vast, the tundra is covered in snow for much of the years, but summer brings an abundance of colors and textures. The Tundra collection bursts with intricate depth and rich, earthy, subtle hues.

Rainforest Series

While the rainforest is naturally green, there are other colors too that lay within the mix, everchanging with the seasons. These belong to the flowers and plants, and the mud and sand colors of the wild rivers and streams.

Galaxy Series

Galaxy is inspired by the night sky. The collection captures this mysterious realm of infinite wonder. Abounding with depth and subtle tones, it is enduring and eternal.

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